Summit Combined Housing Authority Board of Directors & Advisory Group

The SCHA is governed by a board of directors comprised of one member and one alternate member from each of the member jurisdictions.  Current SCHA board members are:

  • Town of Breckenridge:  Rick Holman, Town Manager (Treasurer); alternate Laurie Best, Housing Planner
  • Town of Dillon:  Nathan Johnson, Town Manager (Chair); alternate Carolyn Skowyra, Mayor
  • Town of Frisco:  Jeff Durbin, Interim Town Manager; alternate Andy Held, Town Councilman or Andy Aerenson, Town Councilman
  • Town of Montezuma:  Lesley Davis, Mayor; no alternate
  • Town of Silverthorne:  Kevin McDonald, Councilman (Secretary); alternate Ryan Hyland, Town Manager
  • Summit County:  Scott Vargo, Summit County Manager (Vice-Chair); alternate Jason Dietz, Housing Director

The SCHA also receives guidance from its advisory group.  The advisory group provides the SCHA with informed input from various industries regarding current events and their effects on local housing issues.  Current advisory group members are:

  • Bob Barto
  • Graeme Bilenduke
  • Kathy Christina
  • Blake Davis
  • Kara Drake
  • Erin Fisher
  • Matt Hanson
  • Darci Henning
  • Stan Katz
  • Lindsay Newman
  • Tony Pestello
  • Mark Sabatini
  • Brianne Snow
  • Luisa Stafford
  • Hanna Thomas

The SCHA would like to thank the board of directors and advisory group for their dedicated service to improving housing in Summit County.