Down Payment Loan Programs

There are low-interest 2nd mortgage loans to help locals when purchasing a primary residence. Repayment is due if the residence is no longer the borrowers primary residence, the first mortgage loan is refinanced, or the residence is sold. Borrowers can not get any money back at closing.
Borrowers must contribute a percentage of the purchase price to the acquisition of the property. All adults in the household are required to attend the Home Buyers Class prior to closing. An application fee is required.
For more information, please contact Vickie Lewis by email or by calling (970) 453-3555

To request a payoff statement, loan balance, payment coupons, subordination information, and other information regarding your loan, please call (970) 453-3555 or email Vickie Lewis.

For a list of local lenders that can finance deed restricted units click here: Local Lenders.doc