About Summit Combined Housing Authority

Summit County is a pretty amazing place.  From the outstanding year-round recreation activities to the burgeoning arts and culture districts and beyond, there is something for everyone.  Summit County has a variety of towns and smaller communities, each filled with its own beauty and charm.  It’s no wonder that so many people want to call Summit County home!  At the SCHA, we try to help folks achieve that dream.

SCHA’s Mission Statement

The Summit Combined Housing Authority serves to enhance this county by helping those who define our community attain a safe, long-term housing solution and build a community in which to thrive.

SCHA’s Formation & Governance

The SCHA was formed in 2006 as a multijurisdictional housing authority pursuant to Section 29-1-204.5, Colorado Revised Statutes, as amended.  The SCHA operates as a separate governmental entity and a political subdivision and public corporation of the State of Colorado.  The SCHA was formed by an intergovernmental agreement between its member jurisdictions:

The SCHA is governed by a board of directors comprised of one director and one alternate from each of the member jurisdictions above.  The SCHA board generally meets on the third Monday of each month at the Summit County Commons building in Frisco.  All board meetings, with the exception of executive sessions, are open to the public as authorized in the Colorado Open Meetings Law.  All meeting notices and agendas shall be posted in the south foyer on the main level of the Summit County Courthouse, as well as in the lobby of the SCHA office.