Property Information

# of Units: 40 restricted
Type: Townhouse and single family
Occupancy: Owner occupied
AMI Target: 80% AMI
Neighborhood Amenities: Rec path, trails, public transit
Construction Complete: 2004

Restrictive Covenant Highlights

Information is determined based on the owners covenant:

Employment: 30+ hours per week in Summit County
Income Limits: Yes
Property: Cannot own other property
Appreciation Limit: 3% per year or the change in AMI from year of purchase to sale date, whichever is less
Commission: 3% of sale price
Capital Improvements: 15% of initial purchase price upon approval
Retirement: Partial retirement at age 55; full retirement at age 65
Rent: No short-term rental; can rent rooms to qualified occupant upon approval

Restrictive Covenants

Please note that the information provided on this page is for convenience only and is not a substitute for a full recorded document search and review.  Please also note that the Town of Breckenridge offered property owners the option to opt into an updated restrictive covenant on an individual basis, so the covenants provided above may not apply to all properties in this development. To obtain the recorded documents, please contact the Summit County Clerk & Recorder’s office.