Coyote Village

Property Information

# of Units: 8 units total; 4 deed restricted units
Type: Townhomes
AMI Target:  140% AMI
Construction Complete: Built in 1973; converted summer of 2018

Restrictive Covenant Summary

Employment: 2 units for Town of Frisco employees; 2 units must earn living from business operating within Ten Mile Basin working 30 hours per week
Appreciation Limit: 2% per year

Restrictive Covenant Highlights

Please note that the information provided on this page is for convenience only and is not a substitute for a full recorded document search and review. To obtain the recorded documents, please contact the Summit County Clerk & Recorder’s office.

All owners of deed-restricted units in the Town of Frisco may opt in to a new covenant, developed in 2019. Some properties in this neighborhood may be currently under this covenant. Please contact the Summit County Clerk & Recorder to access the covenant on a particular property. If you are the owner of a deed-restricted property in the Town of Frisco, please contact the Town for information on how to opt into this covenant.