Property Information

# of Units: 40 units total; 20 restricted & 20 short-term rental restricted
Type: Condo
Occupancy: Owner occupied
AMI Target: 100% AMI
Neighborhood Amenities: Parks, trails, public transit
Construction Complete: 1997

Restrictive Covenant Highlights

20 Units Full Deed Restriction

Employment: 30 hours per week on an annual basis
Income Limits: 100% AMI
Appreciation Limit: Lesser of two (2) calculations determining the cost of living appreciation
Rental: Can be rented to qualified occupants upon approval and is limited to 12 months

20 Units No Short-Term Rental Restriction

The only term requirement for 20 of the 40 units is that they cannot be short term rented for a term less than 6 months

Restrictive Covenants

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