Fall is officially here! The leaves are turning, the nights are getting cooler . . . and it’s time for annual deed monitoring.

The annual monitoring form can be accessed online at www.summithousing.us/monitoring, and we anticipate it should take less than 10 minutes to complete; you can do it from your phone! The instructions and information on the form are very clear, and does address ADUs and Accessory Apartments specifically, if that applies to you.

Responses will be accepted until October 31st at 12 midnight. Complete early and avoid having your property audited.

If you have sold your deed-restricted property in the last year (and did not purchase another) please ignore and do not complete the monitoring form.

If you live in Wellington (1 or 2), Lincoln Park, Abbetts Addition, Kenington Townhomes, or Farmer’s Grove, please ignore this email as you are exempt from 2022 monitoring and will not be allowed to complete an affidavit.


Request for Proposal

SCHA is requesting proposals for a housing needs assessment.



HNA RFP 9.13.2022 updated












Breck Buy Down Lottery Results June 2022

Lottery Selection Order:
1. 2379
2. 2370
3. 2373
4. 2376
5. 2377
6. 2375
7. 2380
8. 2371

Application Documents

If you’re purchasing a deed-restricted property, you will need to qualify through the SCHA.

One of the most common questions we’re asked is what the work and/or income limits of deed-restricted properties are.  Unfortunately, there is not an easy answer to this because each property has its own restrictive covenant and terms.  The best thing to do is to contact us directly so we can make sure you get the correct information.

We have included our online SCHA Buyer Application below, you will need to have a property identified before applying. SCHA does not do any blanket applications. Again, we strongly recommend talking to us before beginning an application, as some developments may require an addendum in addition to completing the online SCHA Buyer Application.

You may also want to have the following documentation handy before beginning your application:

  • Two most recent paystubs
  • Prior year W-2 (income verification only)
  • Prior year federal tax returns (income verification only)
  • First-time homebuyer class certificate (first-time homebuyers only)
  • Lender prequalification letter (preapproval letter is recommended)

The application will walk you through any other documentation you may need.

Our system will not accept applications that do not have a property address. Please wait to apply until you have identified a property.

  • SCHA Buyer Application – 
  • Verification of Employment
    • This Form Must Be Completed By Human Resources Director, General Manager or Business Owner if:
      • your work hours are not noted on your paystubs
      • you are new hire that has worked less than 3 months at your new job
      • the company that you are working for is not located in Summit County but you do perform your job services here in Summit County location (regardless where the physical address is)
      •  ALL seasonal job positions (full or part time) that make up your yearly employment panorama; ie. winter AND summer employment.