Housing Restrictive Covenants:



  1. Beaver Run / Kings Ridge*(old, hard to read…): Beaver Run Declaration
  2. Blue 52 (Phase 1):  Housing Restrictive Covenant – Recording-1159018
  3. Blue 52 (Phase 2):  Housing Restrictive Covenant – Recording-1159018
  4. Farmers Grove (Summit County Employee Units):  Farmers Grove – Employee Housing Restriction
  5. Farmers Grove (No Short-Term Renting Units):  Farmers Grove – No Short Term Rental Restriction
  6. Gibson Heights*(new cov): Gibson Heights Covenant Combined
  7. Kings Ridge Condo:
  8. Kennington Townhomes:  Kennington restrictive covenants
  9. Lincoln Park:  Lincoln Park – HRC – #
  10. Maggie Point*(new cov):  Maggie Point Covenant Combined
  11. Monarch Townhomes*(2 covenants? i think they read the same? keep both? how to link?):  Monarch Restrictive Covenant – TOB / Monarch Restrictive Covenant – County
  12. Val D’Isere Condo:
  13. Valdoro Mountain Lodge Condo:
  14. Valley Brook Townhomes*(new cov):  Valley Brook Covenant Combined
  15. Vic’s Landing*(new cov):  Vics Covenant Combined
  16. Vista Point:  Recording-681899
  17. Wellington Phase 1:  Wellington:  Recording-608049 – Employee Housing Restrictive Covenant and Agreement
  18. Wellington Phase 2:  Wellington Phase II – HRC –


  1. Bears Den Condos: Housing Restrictive Covenant 861284
  2. Boulevard Bend*(verify):  BB Recorded Housing Restrictive Covenants
  3. Condos Off Main*:  Housing Restrictive Covenant*
  4. Drake Landing (Bldg B):  Drake Deed Restriction Bldg B
  5. Drake Landing (Bldg C):  Drake Deed Restriction Bldg C 
  6. Marina Park:  Marina Park Housing Restrictive Covenant
  7. Ore House:  Recording-862843 ore house 1st Amended_Ore House. Rec #1177243
  8. Peak One:  Peak One Deed_Restriction Summary:
  9. Peak One (non-income capped):
  10. Royal Glen Condos:  Royal Glen 41 HRC  Royal Glen 49 HRC
  11. South End Village*(diff AMI categories): SEV Deed Restriction – blank SEV DR Amendment
  12. Ten Mile Condos:  Housing Restrictive Covenant 9706680677
  13. The Lodge At Riverbend:  Deed Restriction Lodge at Riverbend
  14. Towers at Lakepoint:  Housing Restrictive Covenant 599487
  15. Town Center Condos*:  Town Center Condos Housing Restrictive Covenant*
  16. Watertower Place*:  Watertower Housing Restrictive Covenant*


  1. Melody Lodge Cabins:  Housing Restriction
  2. Retreat on the Blue:  Housing Restrictive Covenant 9702627311
  3. Solarado Townhomes:   Housing Restrictive Covenant 926798