The SCHA occasionally offers in-person classes on landlord/tenant topics.  We don’t currently have any classes scheduled, so in the meantime please check out the resources below.

Do you have questions about landlord or tenant rights?

The Community Mediation Service of the City of Boulder Department of Housing & Human Services has provided a Landlord Tenant Handbook that contains answers to many frequently asked questions.
If you are currently renting and have questions on tenant rights, your lease, marijuana treatment in rentals, or evictions, please see the resources below.

If you have specific legal questions that are not addressed above, you can contact the Colorado Legal Services Dillon office at (800) 521-6968 or via their website below.  They provide legal help for low-income Coloradans seeking assistance with civil legal needs.

Don’t forget your renter’s insurance!

It’s a good idea to get renter’s insurance to cover the cost of replacing your personal property after loss due to events such as damage or theft.  Your landlord’s property insurance doesn’t cover your personal property.  Renter’s insurance can also provide coverage for an accident on your property.

Consumer Affairs offers an overview of renter’s insurance types, as well as reviews of top renter’s insurance companies.