The Larkspur

Occupancy Qualifications:

  • One person in the household must work in Summit County, Colorado at least 30 hours per week for a business located in and serving Summit County.

  • Household must qualify under annual median income threshold assigned to unit. Income limits based on Household Size on the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority’s (CHFA) data.

Lottery Application and Enrollment 

  • Must meet occupancy qualifications

  • Extra lottery ticket will be given for 2-year work history in Summit County

  • Extra lottery ticket will be given for employment in the Upper Blue Basin

  • Participation in the lottery does not guarantee a unit, but is the first step in leasing an apartment at The Larkspur

  • Application Link

Total number of units available by type and AMI:

Lottery Application Materials:

  • Open enrollment for the lottery will be from 1/19 through 2/2.

  • The Cognito link will be live on this website 1/19 

  • Applicants will need to provide the following to apply for the lottery:

    • Name, email, phone number
    • Number of and full names of all adults applying for unit
    • Unit size/AMI level choice, select only one per form entry
    • Currently working in and for Summit County. Affidavit only, applicant to provide proof during lease application
    • Location of employer
    • Annual household income
    • Misc info
      • Email will be used to contact lottery participants.
      • Lottery tickets are not transferable.
      • The name submitted on the lottery application must match the name used on the lease application.
      • Applicants may apply to multiple unit sizes (studio, 1-bed, 2-bed) using separate forms.
      • Duplicate entries within the same room size category will be deleted.

Lease Application and Income Testing (required for execution of lease)

  • Contact information

  • Credit card, debit card, check, or money order for cost of background checks

  • Social security or ITIN number, this is not required if applicant doesn’t have either.

  • General application information, DOB, employer information, current/previous addresses, bank account information, etc.

  • DOH income verification materials

  • Past 4 paystubs or other proof of income

  • Employer verification

  • Proof of length of residency – only if applying for priority.