Want to make a difference in your community? We need people who are willing to share their expertise with others in Summit County. Summit Combined Housing Authority offers several programs to assist homebuyers. Most of our clients would benefit from ongoing education.
SCHA offers a free class once a month giving individuals exposure to the homebuying process. This class is taught by local lenders, realtors, home inspectors and title companies.  We are always looking for volunteers to teach portions of this class. The class is 4-1/2 hours long broken down into segments of up to one hour.  Anyone who volunteers to present at the class will be asked to attend a class prior to teaching. For more information, please contact SCHA at 970-453-3555 or info@summithousing.us.
SCHA is also starting a series of one hour presentations to
educate homeowners specifically and the public in general on
the following topics:
Tax and Insurance basics
Managing a Healthy Home (Going Green)
Borrowing Basics/Refinancing
Getting involved in your Homeowners Association
Financial Fitness (Planning for the future)
Home Repair and Maintenance
Get ready to sell your home
If you have expertise in any of these areas and would be
interested in presenting one of these programs, please
contact us.
The commitment for both of these programs would be approximately one hour to present and one hour or more of preparation time. SCHA has outlines for all of these classes. You would be expected to follow the outline, but use whatever tools or presentation method you feel works best for you.
There are other volunteer opportunities available to work one-on-one with clients in the above areas as well as working on possible credit and landlord/tenant issues.
Help us make our community an even better place to live and work.