Landlord / Tenant Information

Housing Works Initiative

*Are you a property owner looking to get stable tenants in your property?

*Are you a family that is looking for a decent, stable rental?

The Housing Works Initiative is a new program, funded in part by the Summit Foundation, that is a win-win for both property owners as well as the tenants in these units.  Click here to learn more!


Questions about landlord/tenant rights?

Although the Summit Combined Housing Authority does not handle matters of this nature, we’d like to provide you with the following resources. Please review these and contact the appropriate person listed in the resource material directly.

Renter’s Rights and Responsibilities
Courtesy of the Colorado Division of Housing

Colorado Legal Services
To provide meaningful access to high quality, civil legal services in the
pursuit of justice for as many low income persons and members of
vulnerable population throughout Colorado as possible.

Colorado Housing Connects
To connect you to reliable and appropriate community housing services through one central resource.